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As a leading manufacturer and supplier of water tube boiler, we at Super Steam Boilers display a unique combination of knowledge, experience and stability. We have the expertise and desire to provide customized turnkey water treatment programs specifically associated with water tube boilers. We assist our customers in reducing their energy, water and maintenance costs by enhancing the operations of their water systems and provide a safe functioning of their critical systems. Our field delegates are well trained and possess adequate experience in the said sectors and have the tact to provide ideal services so that our customers remain satisfied.

A water tube boiler is a type of boiler that circulates water through tubes which are surrounded by hot gases. These boilers are commonly used in power generation plants and other industrial applications where high pressure and high temperature steam is required. The design of a water tube boiler consists of a number of small tubes that are arranged in a complex configuration. The tubes are connected to headers which allow water to be circulated through the system. The hot gases from the combustion process flow over the tubes, heating the water inside.

Advantages of water tube boiler can be summed up as under:
  • Water tube boilers can handle high pressure and high temperature steam. This makes water tube boilers particularly suited to power generation applications where high pressure steam is required to generate electricity.
  • These type of devices respond quickly to changes as required. The boilers can quickly adjust to changes in steam demand without the need for complex control systems.
  • These boilers can achieve higher efficiencies compared to other types of boilers due to their ability to extract more heat from the combustion gases.
  • Water tube boilers can produce steam more quickly compared to other types of boilers, which can be useful in industrial applications where steam demand is high.
  • This type of instruments are typically more compact in size compared to other types of boilers, which can be advantageous in applications where space is limited.
The following are some of the components of water tube boilers :
  • Water tubes: Water tubes are the main components of a water tube boiler. They are typically made of steel and are arranged in a vertical or horizontal configuration. These tubes carry the water and steam throughout the boiler.
  • Furnace: The furnace is the chamber where the fuel is burned. The hot gases produced by the combustion of the fuel pass over the water tubes, transferring heat to the water.
  • Water and steam drum: The water drum is the upper drum of the boiler, which contains the water that is being heated and the steam drum is the lower drum of the boiler, which collects the steam that is being produced.
  • Super heater: The super heater is a heat exchanger that is located in the path of the hot gases leaving the furnace. It is responsible for further heating the steam to increase its temperature and energy content.

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