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We are a leading manufacturing and supplying company providing products associated with the boiler industry. We manufacture and supply products that are highly reliable and meet the highest norms of the said industry. We aspire to be one of the pioneering company to blend technology and manufacturing activities to create a cleaner and safer industrial habitat. Our team of experienced and skilled technocrats come together to initiate the production activities in such a manner that we are able to manufacture only best quality products. We are committed to fabricate and supply high quality scrubbers to our esteemed customers and we firmly believe that people work together to create high values and that makes our customers satisfied.

A wet scrubber or a scrubber system, is a type of air pollution control device that uses water to remove pollutants from industrial gases. The basic design of a wet scrubber involves passing the industrial gas through a chamber filled with water, where the pollutants are absorbed and removed from the gas. The water is typically circulated using a pump and the scrubbed gas is then released into the atmosphere. Wet scrubbers are effective at removing pollutants from industrial gases, but they can be expensive to operate and maintain. The water used in the scrubbing process must be treated before it can be discharged, and the system must be monitored to ensure that it is working properly. That way wet scrubbers are an important tool in reducing industrial emissions and protecting the environment. These wet scrubbers are designed and manufactured with finest quality raw materials and modern technologies. A couple of features of the wet scrubbers can be mentioned as under:

  • These are convenient to use and handle.
  • The manufacturing process and the final product of wet scrubber both are environment friendly.
  • The scrubbers are equipped with electrical control panel.
  • The scrubbers have the characteristic feature of low running and maintenance costs.
  • The wet scrubbers act as suppress factor to reduce the flue gas temperature.
There are several types of wet scrubbers including :
  • Venturi scrubber: In a venturi scrubber, the gas is passed through a narrow throat where it is mixed with water. This creates a high velocity that causes the gas to collide with the water droplets leading to the absorption of pollutants.
  • Packed bed scrubber: In a packed bed scrubber, the gas is passed through a bed of packing material which is typically made of plastic or ceramic. Water is sprayed onto the packing material and the pollutants are absorbed as the gas passes through.
  • Spray tower scrubber: In a spray tower scrubber, the gas is passed through a tower filled with water. Water is sprayed into the tower from above and the gas is forced to pass through the mist which leads to the absorption of pollutants.
  • Centrifugal scrubber: These are used for removal of rough particulate matters that require lower pressure drops to get cleansed. The efficiency rate showed by these devices is higher as compared with other scrubbers. This type does not possess any moving parts.

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